We have a wide range of cakes on offer at the bakery to really light up that special occasion. Not only do we stock a range of classic favourites in our shop such as caramel shortbread, carrot cake and fresh cream cakes we also offer new and different cake lines all of the time. To top it all off we will offer beautifully crafted bespoke celebration cakes to suit any occasion.

If you are interested in a celebration cake the sky truly is the limit!  Whether it’s a cup cake extravaganza, a giant cup cake or a tiered or novelty celebration cake we’re here to help.

Take a look at a small selection of our cakes below for inspiration but know that we are happy to bespoke your cake to your requirements.

Childrens cakes –

We can cater for kids of all ages so whether it’s Frozen they’re into and want an Elsa cake complete with princess castle or Minecraft and they want a creeper cake we can help you…

photo (16)photo (18)cake

photo (20)photo (24)photo (28)

photo (26)photo (30)

Occasion and Novelty Cakes-

We can make cakes to suit any occasion, special birthdays, themed, Christening, engagement, retirement or a beautiful Christmas cake – whatever your heart desires…

photo (32)photo (33)photo (35)

photo (39)photo (37)fish cake

photo (41)photo (42)photo (50)

photo (44)Icewhitephoto (5)photo (48)

photo (46)Robinphoto (4)photo (52)photo (54)